Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Meeting

The great unveiling of 'The Character who Swallowed a Fly' was postponed till next month as Chris was on holiday.
In November Jo is doing the Journal Painting Class.  If you want to know what to bring please refer to the previous post.  However there are a couple of additions:
£5 to cover the cost of the ink;
Heat resistant or non-stick mats (if you have one) (the type you put in the oven);
If you don't have a heat gun you could bring a hairdryer.a
Bring something to protect your clothing as the ink will stain.
Gloves if you don't want inky hands.
Jo suggests A4 as the largest journal size to bring and should contain 20-40 sheets of good gsm paper - minimum 150gsm.  Pink pig books are Jo's favourite and can be purchased from Amazon.

For info, you can buy them cheaper here  (this is the Pink Pig company website) but the minimum order is £20 and I don't know what the postage would be (you can just buy a single one from Amazon with postage included.

Next meeting is Sunday 18th November and is the last one this year.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

9th September Meeting

All those involved in the House project brought their completed houses in.  They were all absolutely fabulous, really inspired and such clever ideas.  My camera has died so I was unable to take pics but Chris or Caroline will upload photos showing the houses in all their glory.  The '........... character who swallowed a fly' will be complete by the next meeting so we're all looking forward to seeing more wonderful creations.

In November we are starting a journalling project.  We decided on using 'literature' for a theme; this could be one particular book, an author, quotes etc.  We are preparing the pages in Nov and will start the actual journalling in the new year.
For those who want to take part you will need to bring:
A Journal;
Latex Gloves (if you want to keep your hands ink-free);
Stencils, masks, lace - if  you have any that you particularly want to use but Jo will provide plenty of these;
Black waterproof pens for doodling - not permanent markers (Uniball are suitable);
Heat gun (if you have one);
Newspaper or plastic sheets to cover the tables.

Next Meeting: Sat 20th Oct.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

July Meeting

The problem with not writing up the blog sooner is I have mislaid any notes I made.  Hopefully those doing the house project know what you need to do before the next meeting.  Those doing the '........................ who swallowed a fly' have to make a cow.  Chris has very kindly provided some patterns via email.

Judith was working on her 'vessel'.

  1.      Helen was working on a project
  2.  she's had on the go for some time.

This is Elaine's 'embellished' coathanger to enter into the Ryedale Show.

Jo being her usual prolific self brought lots for us to look at.

Here's Sue working on her 'bird from a lightbulb'

Next Meeting: Sat 9th Sept.
Dates for other meetings are now confirmed by Tina and are:
Sat 20th Oct
Sun 18th Nov
(None Dec)
Sat 19th Jan
Sun 17th Feb
Sat 16th Mar
Sun 21st Apr
Sat 18th May
Sun 16th Jun
Sat 20th Jul

Sunday, June 10, 2012

May Meeting

House Project
The houses should be completed by June.  Embellishments/adornments may be added, such as: weathervane; chimney; wildlife; conservatory; gardent furniture; trellis; drainpipes; swing etc.  The next stage will be to make a person/figure; this doesn't necessarily need to fit in the house.

Old 'Person' Who Swallowed a Fly
A bird and cat needs to be completed by June.  These should be  in the style of the fly and spider - eg 2D, 3D, knitted, etc

In May we did a surface treatment technique.  This involved painting Bondaweb, ironing it onto fabric and adding transfer foil, threads, pieces of organza.

Chris and Shirley had done a batik workshop and brought their work in to show us

Click on the images for a larger view.
Here are some pics taken in March which I forgot to show.  A fabulous frog from Pauline (sorry I've forgotten what it's called), quilting and a wonderful stump figure from Chris and a sample of a scissor keeper (I think) which Judith is producing as a kit for the Embroider's Guild for something or other - apologies, this shows I should write things down!


Someone made a comment that they love coming to the Dollybirds group as it makes them feel normal haha.

Next Meeting - Sunday 17th June, when we will be making the bird from a lightbulb.  Refer to last month for a list of items to bring.

Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Meeting

Chris was away so her daughter came to do the swaps for both projects, so thanks to her for that.
I'm sorry I didn't take note of where the house people should up to be by the next meeting but if anyone in that group would like to add that info please do.  For the 'person and fly' people they need to bring in the doll, completed fly and spider and the journal.  Chris had sent in pattern and instructions for making the fly and bird along with completed samples but feel free to do your own version.

We are doing two projects in May; for the 'Surface Treatment' we need the following:
Colouring medium - paints; koh-i-noor; etc
Calico - size not specified
Baking parchment
Transfer foil

For the 'Bird' we need:
Wire - 14 guage (think Chris may bring this I'll check) but if anyone wants to bring their own they will need a piece 27" long to make legs for the bird
Light bulb
Wire cutters
Black permanent marker
Masking tape
Wire mesh - 4"x4" (this is to form the wings and tail which will then be covered with paperclay)
Olive oil - this is just to rub a bit into your hands when mixing the Apoxie Sculpt which Chris is bringing
Paperclay/air drying clay
Acrylic paints (I'm going to decoupage my bird)
Mod Podge - this is to coat the completed bird to protect the paint so if you have something else that will do the same job, bring that.

Next meeting Saturday 19th March

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February meeting

I didn't take any photos at feb's meeting.  Lots of people had brought in stump dolls for inspiration for the 'Old Lady who swallowed the Fly' project.  Jo had been her usual prolific self and brought in some fantastic altered books.  If anybody else brought anything to show I'm sorry I can't remember, Feb's meeting seems so long ago haha.
For the March meeting those involved in the Lady and Fly project need to bring in: a completed head (left open at the bottome); a jounal; a piece of paper with own name on and the first line of the rhyme, indicating what type of creature/person they are doing; eg 'there was an old 'witch' who swallowed a fly'.  If anyone uses any 'found' objects in there project the objects must be altered in some way.
I don't know any specifics for the group involved in the house project, so, Chris, if you read this can you do a post of anything relevant for that group.
Next meeting 24th March.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February meeting!

Hello Girls!
Just a quick word from your leader about Sunday's meeting - can those who can bring a sewing machine and are happy for others to use it please bring them as then we can get the heads sewn quicker.

Any of you who have stump dolls of any kind please bring them with you to give the woman/fly group ideas  - a stump doll would be defined as one without legs - dolls with boxes for bodies, snowmen all qualify here. Thank you in anticipation.
Woman who swallowed a fly group - we will be having a look at heads that may be appropriate and please be thinking about your character that is going to eat the fly but remember to tell  no one what it is going to be.

House builders - you should bring back your bag with two completed gable walls exterior to your design - interior plain.  Please don't forget if you have added doors and/or windows they will have to be marked/sewn/stuck on the interior of the walls in the matching place - I only remind of this because I forgot!!!!!!!
In the bag should also be everything that was in when you got it plus if you have used different fabric/materials and you have sufficient it may be helpful to include them - it will help with continuity (don't think thats the right word but you know what I mean!)
Please put the bags on the pile with the others and of course please don't discus them with anyone but me.

See you Sunday

Monday, February 6, 2012

January Meeting

Most people had completed their 'Bridal Panels'  It's always amazing and wonderful how different everybody's work is.   Hope I've got the correct names with corresponding panels.



Judith made a wonderful mouse pincushion as a gift for a friend.

Chris started off one of the current challenges; the other one will begin in March.  If you've forgotten any instructions for the first challenge please email Chris as we are not putting too many details on here to begin with.  The other challenge will start in March but leading up to that Chris is going to do a workshop in February on heads.  For those who want to join in the workshop please bring calico, stuffing and sewing machine.  Anyone who can't bring a machine because they travel by public transport (or walk?) will have access to a machine as several people will be bringing theirs.

Jo needs 1000 small black buttons for a project - shirt button size or slightly larger only please.

Chris brought in several magazines and Pauline 2 books for people to help themselves to.

Next meeting is Sunday 19th February.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Message from your leader!!!!!!!

Hello everyone and may I also wish you a very happy new year.

Anne is quite right we have one wedding challenge which is current and I  issued the rules for the wedding panel in November and there is a forfeit to be paid in the form of teaching if the panel is not returned on January 21st - to date no one (not even me appears to be reneging on it) - those that I have spoken to have either started or have a good idea - so keep up the good work.

There will be two further challenges this year both of which are pass around challenges - the first  of which will be launched on Saturday 21st January and is based very loosely on "The House that Jack Built"  - ours will be the House that the DollyBirds Built!!!

I am expecting that the following people will be participating in this Challenge  - Pauline, Tina, Marlene, Jo, Shenagh, Helen, Sue and me - please let me know if anyone else is expecting to join in as I am in the process of finalising the pass around sequence and order of work. 
I am going to try to keep the progress of your house secret once you have handed it over so with this in mind could I please ask that you bring your journal, measurement, fabric, negative preference and found object in a plastic bag so that no one can see the contents and put your name on a piece of paper/card within so that I have a record of which one belongs to which person.
Then hopefully you will not see your 'house' again until the end when we will have a grand 'topping out' ceremony and there will be cake as reward for all your hard work!

Rules for this challenge have not yet been finalised but I will give them out to the participants when we begin but they are broadly as we agreed with one or two refinements - mainly to protect you from me!!!!!

The second challenge  (There was an Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly.....) will launch later  as I feel we should look at ways of making  stump dolls, appropriate heads and animals.  I will start this on 21st January - you do not need to bring anything for this session as it will be  information only - I will bring as many images, patterns, ideas for heads  as I can find that could be suitable for a stump doll.

Please bring some work of your own that you can be doing as we discuss the two challenges.

Hope this is clearish!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

A bit late posting since Nov meeting.  Chris set a challenge to be completed by the Jan meeting, anyone who doesn't comlete theirs has to paya forfeit in the form of teaching a class.  The challenge as you know is to do a wedding panel.  I won't type it all out again I just hope nobody has lost their instructions.  I haven't even begun mine and only have an idea for the theme; I hope I'm not the only one who hasn't started yet!
Chris also set a couple of other challenges: one which involves passing the project on as each stage is completed, this is based on 'There was an old woman who swallowedd a fly'; the other is the house challenge.  I won't bother with the details here, I'll leave it till they're ready to begin.
Hope everyone had a lovely time at Christmas and New Year :-)
Next meeting 21st Jan.