Monday, November 7, 2011

October Meeting

Sorry, I think I made notes at the October meeting but I don't know where they are!  As far as I can remember next month Chris is going to set a challenge for those that wish to join in.  The challenge will be to make a fabric wall hanging? the theme will be 'brides' and must include an image transfer.  For those who missed the image transfer workshop or those who wish to have another go, Jo and Chris will be demonstrating again at the November meeting.  Remember there's no meeting in December.
Next meeting is Sat 19th Nov.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sept Meeting

Due to some lack of communication it wasn't clear whether those who didn't attend the Sept meeting had not found out about the date.  The dates will always be on the blog (hopefully).  Jo did an Image Transfer workshop using wonderful black + white images.  The process Jo showed us required images produed from a laser printer or photocopier and using gel medium to transfer the images.  Chris showed us another process using a product called Citrasolve.  Some of the images using Citrasolve are not very clear; some images work better than others and also some were done onto pre-coloured fabric and some of these didn't come out as clearly as others.  Unfortunately I'd forgotten to take pictures earlier on showing some clearer images.  Helen had brought in some of her own images including Roman coins which turned out very well.  For those that missed it and would like to do the image transfer there will be an opportunity to do so at the November meeting.  It's been decided not to have a meeting in December.  Subs have gone up to £50 due to the cost of room hire.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dates for your diary

Dates for meetings September 2011 through to July 2012 are:
Saturday 24 September
Sunday 23 October
Saturday 19 November
Sunday 11 December
Saturday 21 January
Sunday 19 February
Saturday 24 March
Sunday 22 April
Saturday 19 May
Sunday 17 June
Saturday 21 July

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mug Rugs and other stuff

At June's meeting Tina showed us how to make mug rugs.  Tina, Chris, Pauline and I completed one each; well Chris did have a little bit of hand stitching to do on the binding.
Top left is Tina's, top right Chris's, bottom left mine (Anne's) bottom right Pauline's.

Helen, Pauline, Chris and I brought in some completed canvas postcards, (I intended to photograph mine at home but haven't done so yet, I'll add the pics at a later date) Pauline had sent one to Chris as agreed at the last meeting.  I think one of Chris's is complete the other is a WIP. 
Jo had made a fantastical bird to fit one pair of the many fairy shoes she has made, and also brought in 2 more pairs of fairy shoes and an incredible altered book.

Sheenagh brought in her delightful 'Doll in the Style of Julie Arkell' and a paper shoe in it's own box

Jo had also made a mini quilt for some project (sorry I can't remember the details)

The date of the next meeting is Saturday 23rd July.  It will be a do as you please day unless I hear to the contrary from Chris.  Please check back just before the next meeting to make sure.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Meeting and waiting for photos

Hi girls, sorry I'm late posting this but I've been waiting for photos from the last meeting from Chris and Shirley, so if you read this ladies and have time could you email them to me or you could upload them.
Most of us had a go at colouring, stencilling and stamping onto canvas to make canvas postcards.  We had a lot of fun and got very messy.
Tina showed us her beautiful Mug Rugs - with a name like that they are no doubt an American thing.  Chris suggested that Tina does a workshop with those interested at June's meeting.
Stuff to bring in June if you want to make a Mug Rug or 2:
Sewing Machine
Threads to match
Embellishments - buttons, beads etc (optional)
I think the rugs measured approx 6"x3" (only from memory), to give you an idea of how much fabric to bring

Date of next meeting, Sunday June 19th

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Meeting

Sorry for not posting anything for March ladies, but I'd forgotten my camera and didn't have any photos to blog, though I really should've posted something.
In March several of us started making Fairy Shoes some of which were completed and brought to the April meeting.  Helen, Pauline and myself (Anne) had completed our 'Doll in the style of Julie Arkell' and Chris's was partly complete.  Actually mine's not quite complete as she has no hands!  Helen brought in 2 fabric boxes she'd completed, one of which was a challenge from some months ago.  Tina had almost completed a quilt she'd been working on.  Oops, I've just realised I didn't get a pic of Jo's wonderful shoes, she'd completed lots of beautiful shoes of different sizes.


The next meeting is Saturday May 21st when we'll be making fabric/canvas postcards.  I'll bring some canvas and Chris may bring some if she can get hold of some, Pauline also said she will bring some.  Supplies to bring are:
Sewing kit,
Paints or other colouring media,
Stencils, stamps, other mark making items,
Apron optional,
Latex gloves optional.

Monday, February 21, 2011

February meeting

At the December meeting most members took part in making a pincushion, the pattern for which Chris had taken from her Omiyage book and most of us agreed to make a second one to bring to February's meeting to put into a swap; there were 9 delightful pincushions in total for the swap.

Marlene got her husband to bring her beautiful quilt in to show us.

In March we are going to be making Fairy shoes.  We need to bring:
Black felt - 25x15cm and/or 10x10cm (can someone confirm whether it's either or?)
Machine embroidery thread- black and colours, or metallic to go with your fabric choices.
Assortment of hand emroidery threads
Embellishments such as bead, sequins, fine cords
Orange or red silk
Ormoline fabric medium with Gold bronze powder or gold textile paint
Tiny accent beads
Sewing machine
Sewing kit
Topstitch needle size 100
Yoghurt pot
Plastic spoon
Thin cord
Siver gel pent
If there is anything here you don't have don't worry someone else is sure to have it.
NB The Appliglule is a dimensional glue and from what I read about the project will be used to adhere the accent beads but as Judith suggested yesterday you should be able to use a glue gun. (It would seem the idea is to give the beads a raised appearance on the shoes? This is only my interpretation) The 'gold bronze' powder seems confusing, I'm wondering whether I wrote it down correctly, but again my understanding is possibly gold and/or bronze to mix with the Ormoline fabric medium to make a fabric paint.
If anyone has any different info/thoughts I will make amendments.

Next meeting 19th March

Monday, January 31, 2011


At the meeting on 22nd Jan we had the option of making a mouse pincushion or an owls pincushion.  Pauline was  Mighty Mouse and Chris was Brown Owl.  Unfortunately I can't remember the names of all those making the owl pincushions but suffice to say several chose to do the mouse and several the owl version.  Chris took lots of lovely pics, only some of which are here now - there are more to follow.

For those doing 2 of the Japanese style pincushions the one for the bran tub should be brought to the February meeting, which is on the 20th.

Chris has set us a challenge - to do a doll in the style of Julie Arkell.  If anyone hasn't seen the dolls she makes you can check some out here or search Google.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just to say

Thought I'd post in case anyone pops by to see what's going on, or not.  I haven't received any pics from anyone from the December meeting which is why I haven't posted anything.  Don't know whether this is because people haven't sent them yeat or perhaps they've made a mistake with my email address.  I have emailed Chris to let her know.
Anne  :-)