Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

A bit late posting since Nov meeting.  Chris set a challenge to be completed by the Jan meeting, anyone who doesn't comlete theirs has to paya forfeit in the form of teaching a class.  The challenge as you know is to do a wedding panel.  I won't type it all out again I just hope nobody has lost their instructions.  I haven't even begun mine and only have an idea for the theme; I hope I'm not the only one who hasn't started yet!
Chris also set a couple of other challenges: one which involves passing the project on as each stage is completed, this is based on 'There was an old woman who swallowedd a fly'; the other is the house challenge.  I won't bother with the details here, I'll leave it till they're ready to begin.
Hope everyone had a lovely time at Christmas and New Year :-)
Next meeting 21st Jan.

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