Monday, April 8, 2013

Changes to April's Meeting

Hi everyone, Jo is unable to make it this month as she has realised it clashes with the last day of the York Open Studios.  So just bring along whatever you want to work on.  Jo will do the reel workshop in June.  Perhaps we could do some work on our journals - if you have any pictures/text related to your chosen scheme you could start adding them.
I found the picture of the large reels Jo made.

Does anyone have any spare reels they could bring in June please as I don't have any and don't want to fill loads of bobbins up with one or two colours to free some up.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

March's Meeting

Firstly some pics.
Sue's wonderful doll.  Sorry didn't get any details.
This stitched piece and the 2 pics of the journal are Helen's

More from the prolific Jo.

Jo had made some wonderful textile 'reels', both large and small; not sure why the pics weren't in the same file as these, if I find them I'll update this post.  I think most of us were keen to have a go.  Items to bring in April if you want to do the reels are:
Thick paper
Paper scissors
Black stamping ink
Cotton reels
Colouring medium for the paper
Strong thread
Paper trimmer.
I can't remember whether we need to cut the paper and stitch strips together to fit the reels before the meeting - think we do but I'll check with Jo.  Also machine or hand stitch along the long edges of the paper once the strips are sewn together.

Next Meeting Sunday April 21st.