Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Meeting

Chris was away so her daughter came to do the swaps for both projects, so thanks to her for that.
I'm sorry I didn't take note of where the house people should up to be by the next meeting but if anyone in that group would like to add that info please do.  For the 'person and fly' people they need to bring in the doll, completed fly and spider and the journal.  Chris had sent in pattern and instructions for making the fly and bird along with completed samples but feel free to do your own version.

We are doing two projects in May; for the 'Surface Treatment' we need the following:
Colouring medium - paints; koh-i-noor; etc
Calico - size not specified
Baking parchment
Transfer foil

For the 'Bird' we need:
Wire - 14 guage (think Chris may bring this I'll check) but if anyone wants to bring their own they will need a piece 27" long to make legs for the bird
Light bulb
Wire cutters
Black permanent marker
Masking tape
Wire mesh - 4"x4" (this is to form the wings and tail which will then be covered with paperclay)
Olive oil - this is just to rub a bit into your hands when mixing the Apoxie Sculpt which Chris is bringing
Paperclay/air drying clay
Acrylic paints (I'm going to decoupage my bird)
Mod Podge - this is to coat the completed bird to protect the paint so if you have something else that will do the same job, bring that.

Next meeting Saturday 19th March

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