Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Meeting

The great unveiling of 'The Character who Swallowed a Fly' was postponed till next month as Chris was on holiday.
In November Jo is doing the Journal Painting Class.  If you want to know what to bring please refer to the previous post.  However there are a couple of additions:
£5 to cover the cost of the ink;
Heat resistant or non-stick mats (if you have one) (the type you put in the oven);
If you don't have a heat gun you could bring a hairdryer.a
Bring something to protect your clothing as the ink will stain.
Gloves if you don't want inky hands.
Jo suggests A4 as the largest journal size to bring and should contain 20-40 sheets of good gsm paper - minimum 150gsm.  Pink pig books are Jo's favourite and can be purchased from Amazon.

For info, you can buy them cheaper here  (this is the Pink Pig company website) but the minimum order is £20 and I don't know what the postage would be (you can just buy a single one from Amazon with postage included.

Next meeting is Sunday 18th November and is the last one this year.

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