Sunday, September 23, 2012

9th September Meeting

All those involved in the House project brought their completed houses in.  They were all absolutely fabulous, really inspired and such clever ideas.  My camera has died so I was unable to take pics but Chris or Caroline will upload photos showing the houses in all their glory.  The '........... character who swallowed a fly' will be complete by the next meeting so we're all looking forward to seeing more wonderful creations.

In November we are starting a journalling project.  We decided on using 'literature' for a theme; this could be one particular book, an author, quotes etc.  We are preparing the pages in Nov and will start the actual journalling in the new year.
For those who want to take part you will need to bring:
A Journal;
Latex Gloves (if you want to keep your hands ink-free);
Stencils, masks, lace - if  you have any that you particularly want to use but Jo will provide plenty of these;
Black waterproof pens for doodling - not permanent markers (Uniball are suitable);
Heat gun (if you have one);
Newspaper or plastic sheets to cover the tables.

Next Meeting: Sat 20th Oct.

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