Sunday, June 10, 2012

May Meeting

House Project
The houses should be completed by June.  Embellishments/adornments may be added, such as: weathervane; chimney; wildlife; conservatory; gardent furniture; trellis; drainpipes; swing etc.  The next stage will be to make a person/figure; this doesn't necessarily need to fit in the house.

Old 'Person' Who Swallowed a Fly
A bird and cat needs to be completed by June.  These should be  in the style of the fly and spider - eg 2D, 3D, knitted, etc

In May we did a surface treatment technique.  This involved painting Bondaweb, ironing it onto fabric and adding transfer foil, threads, pieces of organza.

Chris and Shirley had done a batik workshop and brought their work in to show us

Click on the images for a larger view.
Here are some pics taken in March which I forgot to show.  A fabulous frog from Pauline (sorry I've forgotten what it's called), quilting and a wonderful stump figure from Chris and a sample of a scissor keeper (I think) which Judith is producing as a kit for the Embroider's Guild for something or other - apologies, this shows I should write things down!


Someone made a comment that they love coming to the Dollybirds group as it makes them feel normal haha.

Next Meeting - Sunday 17th June, when we will be making the bird from a lightbulb.  Refer to last month for a list of items to bring.

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