Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mug Rugs and other stuff

At June's meeting Tina showed us how to make mug rugs.  Tina, Chris, Pauline and I completed one each; well Chris did have a little bit of hand stitching to do on the binding.
Top left is Tina's, top right Chris's, bottom left mine (Anne's) bottom right Pauline's.

Helen, Pauline, Chris and I brought in some completed canvas postcards, (I intended to photograph mine at home but haven't done so yet, I'll add the pics at a later date) Pauline had sent one to Chris as agreed at the last meeting.  I think one of Chris's is complete the other is a WIP. 
Jo had made a fantastical bird to fit one pair of the many fairy shoes she has made, and also brought in 2 more pairs of fairy shoes and an incredible altered book.

Sheenagh brought in her delightful 'Doll in the Style of Julie Arkell' and a paper shoe in it's own box

Jo had also made a mini quilt for some project (sorry I can't remember the details)

The date of the next meeting is Saturday 23rd July.  It will be a do as you please day unless I hear to the contrary from Chris.  Please check back just before the next meeting to make sure.

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