Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Meeting

Sorry for not posting anything for March ladies, but I'd forgotten my camera and didn't have any photos to blog, though I really should've posted something.
In March several of us started making Fairy Shoes some of which were completed and brought to the April meeting.  Helen, Pauline and myself (Anne) had completed our 'Doll in the style of Julie Arkell' and Chris's was partly complete.  Actually mine's not quite complete as she has no hands!  Helen brought in 2 fabric boxes she'd completed, one of which was a challenge from some months ago.  Tina had almost completed a quilt she'd been working on.  Oops, I've just realised I didn't get a pic of Jo's wonderful shoes, she'd completed lots of beautiful shoes of different sizes.


The next meeting is Saturday May 21st when we'll be making fabric/canvas postcards.  I'll bring some canvas and Chris may bring some if she can get hold of some, Pauline also said she will bring some.  Supplies to bring are:
Sewing kit,
Paints or other colouring media,
Stencils, stamps, other mark making items,
Apron optional,
Latex gloves optional.

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