Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mug Rugs and other stuff

At June's meeting Tina showed us how to make mug rugs.  Tina, Chris, Pauline and I completed one each; well Chris did have a little bit of hand stitching to do on the binding.
Top left is Tina's, top right Chris's, bottom left mine (Anne's) bottom right Pauline's.

Helen, Pauline, Chris and I brought in some completed canvas postcards, (I intended to photograph mine at home but haven't done so yet, I'll add the pics at a later date) Pauline had sent one to Chris as agreed at the last meeting.  I think one of Chris's is complete the other is a WIP. 
Jo had made a fantastical bird to fit one pair of the many fairy shoes she has made, and also brought in 2 more pairs of fairy shoes and an incredible altered book.

Sheenagh brought in her delightful 'Doll in the Style of Julie Arkell' and a paper shoe in it's own box

Jo had also made a mini quilt for some project (sorry I can't remember the details)

The date of the next meeting is Saturday 23rd July.  It will be a do as you please day unless I hear to the contrary from Chris.  Please check back just before the next meeting to make sure.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May Meeting and waiting for photos

Hi girls, sorry I'm late posting this but I've been waiting for photos from the last meeting from Chris and Shirley, so if you read this ladies and have time could you email them to me or you could upload them.
Most of us had a go at colouring, stencilling and stamping onto canvas to make canvas postcards.  We had a lot of fun and got very messy.
Tina showed us her beautiful Mug Rugs - with a name like that they are no doubt an American thing.  Chris suggested that Tina does a workshop with those interested at June's meeting.
Stuff to bring in June if you want to make a Mug Rug or 2:
Sewing Machine
Threads to match
Embellishments - buttons, beads etc (optional)
I think the rugs measured approx 6"x3" (only from memory), to give you an idea of how much fabric to bring

Date of next meeting, Sunday June 19th