Thursday, February 16, 2012

February meeting!

Hello Girls!
Just a quick word from your leader about Sunday's meeting - can those who can bring a sewing machine and are happy for others to use it please bring them as then we can get the heads sewn quicker.

Any of you who have stump dolls of any kind please bring them with you to give the woman/fly group ideas  - a stump doll would be defined as one without legs - dolls with boxes for bodies, snowmen all qualify here. Thank you in anticipation.
Woman who swallowed a fly group - we will be having a look at heads that may be appropriate and please be thinking about your character that is going to eat the fly but remember to tell  no one what it is going to be.

House builders - you should bring back your bag with two completed gable walls exterior to your design - interior plain.  Please don't forget if you have added doors and/or windows they will have to be marked/sewn/stuck on the interior of the walls in the matching place - I only remind of this because I forgot!!!!!!!
In the bag should also be everything that was in when you got it plus if you have used different fabric/materials and you have sufficient it may be helpful to include them - it will help with continuity (don't think thats the right word but you know what I mean!)
Please put the bags on the pile with the others and of course please don't discus them with anyone but me.

See you Sunday

Monday, February 6, 2012

January Meeting

Most people had completed their 'Bridal Panels'  It's always amazing and wonderful how different everybody's work is.   Hope I've got the correct names with corresponding panels.



Judith made a wonderful mouse pincushion as a gift for a friend.

Chris started off one of the current challenges; the other one will begin in March.  If you've forgotten any instructions for the first challenge please email Chris as we are not putting too many details on here to begin with.  The other challenge will start in March but leading up to that Chris is going to do a workshop in February on heads.  For those who want to join in the workshop please bring calico, stuffing and sewing machine.  Anyone who can't bring a machine because they travel by public transport (or walk?) will have access to a machine as several people will be bringing theirs.

Jo needs 1000 small black buttons for a project - shirt button size or slightly larger only please.

Chris brought in several magazines and Pauline 2 books for people to help themselves to.

Next meeting is Sunday 19th February.